N/N 12th

Mon 13 Apr 2009 08:23
3:34.0s  100:20w   Sort of a guess as we were all swimming due to a total lack of wind!
Lots of very heavy rain storms in the night, so I am nice and clean, something about having a cold shower on deck, at 0300, under the stars. Of course everyone else was fast asleep! I managed to set the fishing lines just before dawn as usual. Then the wind dropped again,and we stopped. Of course the line get wrapped around the propellor!  I decided to leave it there until everyone was awake and in the mood for a swim.

As we had 0 wind for the rest of the morning it didnt really matter! 
So we had a long swim, and cleared the prop without cutting the line. Then a large number of rain showers, at least they brought wind, from many directions. We then listened into the the PPJ net 8143 at 2300 utc, and hear with much disgust that everyone to the south of us was zipping along in 16 kts of easterly breeze. (at the time we were drifting with the current at 1.0 kts, flat calm again. So we have decided to risk diving to the south in the hope that there is wind down there.
After a couple of hours motoring, using the last of our " available " fuel, we picked up a little breeze, and have been heading towards the marquessas at 4 kts. I have just come on watch,and the first thing that happened was a drop in wind speed, but it looks as if it may stay up, at least for a while longer.
We are currently at 3:47s   101:11 w, heading between 225 & 260 depending upon the wind. Heres hoping it is here to stay! Everyone is a little disapointed at the prospect of taking 40 days from here! which is the length of time it will take at our current speeds!
HHope you guys are having more wind!