Five days on Galapagos

Mon 6 Apr 2009 02:22

Are sad to have to leave the Galapagos Island after only five days. The Catmousses crew had been in Galapagos for a few days when we arrived, so they had put a lot of effort into finding the best trips to see all the strange animals. On Galapagos, you can not  wander about on your own, you have to have a guide, they are very protective of their wild life, and for good reason.

The strange thing about the animals on Galapagos, is that they do not show any sign of fear. They just sit there, looking at you. You walk up close, and they just look at you!!!

So we swam with sea lions, saw blue footed boobies (bird that live on the rock wall), lots of iguanas sun bathing, all the strange formation of black lava stone, in a combination with sandy beaches. 

The weekend was spent with Catmousses crew on Isla isabela, a larger island with more wild life and some huge volcano craters. We saw penguins and flamingoes on the same beach (!!!!!),  we rented horses and rode up to the world´s second largest volcano crater. We have seen tortoises the size of a dinner table, and birds that are so strange that you think they belong to a different planet. 

And drinks are refreshing and company is excellent, so we cannot complain. 

Tomorrow morning, we are off to the Marquesas island, more accurately, Nuku Hiva. We expect to be at sea for three weeks or so. 

One of a thousand iguanas, that really seem to enjoy our company.

The first sea lion we saw. After having stretched a bit, she joined us in the water when we snorkeled. 

Buc and Rene discussing who knows what.


Kida and I, Nicolas and Rene watching something pretty interesteing.