Bora Bora

Sun 26 Jul 2009 02:46
16:29.277S 151:45.747W  Just arrived at Bora Bora yacht club. Had a great, but very damp sail from Huahine. We had planned to sail overnight, but the family took pity on me, and agreed to get up early in the morning. So we left 0700, lots of big rain showers, and we had wind from 7 kts to 33 kts. Fun sail, topped out at 11.3 kts, with two reefs in the main and a headsail. Wind & swell, directly astern. Family was of course in their usual sailing position, Ina in bed, kids lying on bean bags in the saloon. Simon did come out to chat with me, but disappeared swiftly as soon as the rain came in again.

Turning the corner was fun, wind on the beam, and flat sea, tropical beach and lagoon 1/2 mile on the beam, family inside still. Finally managed to pursuade them outside a we/I dropped the main, ans the rain came in again. So in through the pass with 35kts head wind and zero vis. No bouys available at the yacht club, so we are anchored with all the chain out, and the rode as well, it is forecast 30+ kts tomorrow! Wonder what the bar in the YC is like!