King Neptune and crossing the equator

Thu 2 Apr 2009 07:17
00:02.00s  89:17.00w
After numerous frustrating moments with the old computer, we have bought a new, very very tiny one, which uses very little battery, and with an English keyboard. Norwegian keyboards were non-existing in Panama, of course, and it is hard to write Norwegian with a 26 letter alphabet...So English it is!
At noon today, WE CROSSED TO THE EQUATOR, a milestone on our trip, and now the water runs the opposite way down the toilet!
True to the tradition, King Neptune came onboard right after we had crossed the line....long, grey beard and all covered in sea weeds, only to say hello and receive some gifts as a gratitude for us borrowing his sea, as he always does to people who crosses the equator for the first time.
Amanda and I had made a bit of a party for him, we also had a ceremonial SWIM across the equator, streching from one side of the boat to the other, right on the zero mark.
Unfortunately, Buc was asleep throughout the visit, he woke up for the party and cider champagne that Simon opened with a schwoooshh, and then had to swim to recover the cork.
Will be arriving in the Galapagos tomorrow morning, in Academy Bay on the Isla Santa Cruz, where the Charles Darwin Research Center is located, as well as some huge tortoises and birds with blue feet. 
We are especially looking forwards to seeing our friends on CatMousses again. They have been waiting for us.