Noon 7th Dec

Sun 7 Dec 2008 13:02
15:04.00n 42:53.00w
well, a quiet night. Dusk fell with thunder clouds all about, giving some great lighting efects, but not much wind! So we had to motor for a while. It gave the water maker a chance to  fill all the tanks, and fully charge the batteries. Dawn brought dead calm, followed by 4 kts from the WEST!! Downloading GRIB weather forecasting files is simply a waste of time and effort I have decided!
Seeing as it was calm, the crew decided to go for a mid atlantic swim, much jumping in from S & A, Vegard and Eric did their fair share as well. Out of the water to a great scrambled egg & fresh  bread breakfast, as well as fresh water showers for all.
Wind is now NW'ly, at 8/9 kts, we have a full main up, and the code 0 as well, and are making a very smooth 6 kts. Only 1046 kts to go at noon!