At Anchor

Sun 25 Oct 2009 08:41
24:45.498S 152:23.146E
We have done it, Norway to Australia. At anchor off Bundaberg port. Not the most senic point to end an epic voyage, but beggars can`t be choosers! We arrived at the fairway bouy at 1720, having taken down all the sails about two hours before, and carried on sailing at 2.9 kts!! We started by dropping the kite, and goingto just the plain sails at midday, going too fast, so two reefs in the main, still too fast. Main down, just jib, then no sails. Typical isn`t it, I spend the entire trip trying to coax as much speed out pf her as possible, and spend the last day trying to slow her down!! What a great last ocean trip though, I coudn`t have asked for better, sailed all the way from inside the reef, into the fairway!
Guess LB wants to get to Oz.
Many tears aboard as the anchor went down. Teqrs of joy as well as sorrow. Amanda has retired to her spot in the crows nest to see the view, Ina can`t make up her mind if she is happy or sad!
VH have just called on the radio, they ans Peg are about 5 hrs behind us, VH has just crossed their track, so have completed their 5 yr circumnavigation, so if emotions are high aboard LB, I can only imagine how they are on VH!
Customs & Quarantine inspections in thwe morning, then we need to see if we have a berth in the marina.No plans after that.