Windless Pacific

Tue 4 Aug 2009 13:52
14:45S 157:37W
 My kids arre great. Ina has been sick for the last few days, so that means that I have been awake quite a lot, well the kidds have been great, they have stood long watches for me, so I can get some rest, Simon has been making suggestions for sail changes, and Amanda has been cooking dinner for us. Along with all that they have been entertaining me with their daft antics!
Ina felt better early this morning, just as the rain showers that had been bothering us all night died away. Unfortunately as the last rain shower disapeared the wind swung dead ahead of us. Gradually during the day the wind has dropped, and swung back to the direction it should be in, from the East, but currently only 3 or 4 kts. Hopefully by the morning, it is 0300 now, there will be enough wind for the spinaker again.
The kids negotiated themselves some watch treats tonight. 4 squares of chocolate for Simon, and 7 wine gums for Amanda. For that they would be on watch from 1900 till at least 2100. When Ina came on deck to take over she was sent away again because they were having too much fun to stop. Both plugged into one iPod, singing away at the top of their voices, and dancing at the same time! Not sure when Ina was finally allowed to take over, but they are now fast asleep in the cockpit. The skie is clear, almost a full moon, what a picture to carry in my head.