Thu 13 Aug 2009 07:32
Another memorable day.
Simon awake very early today so that he could do his homework and have lots of time to play with the boys ashore. In fact Pegasus came into the lagoon mid morning, so he went over to help Jason set a second anchor, then headed ashore.
We saw him several hours later, after an afternoon spent with the boys out in the dinghy fishing, they had caught a decent sized coral cod, dark red with torquoise spots, about 80cms long. All fish are gutted ashore, and the bits fed to the sharks on the outside of the lagoon, so the boys did all of this unsupervised. Then came the dividing up of the fish, we were kindly offered half by John, as Simon anounced that he would love to have his fish Suwarrovv style. So Ina offered to ask how Veronica would cook it, no, he would rather eat it ashore. So he is now ashore, having eaten there, and will be sleeping with the boys in the thatched beach hut they normally sleep in. Going to be a little windy tonight, as it is blowing 20+ kts from the SE, sending quite a chop across the lagoon, hope it goes easterly as predicted quite soon!!
Amanda has been weaving more headbands, and now a belt from palm fronds, tomorrow she is to learn how to make baskets. John has said that we can take a couple of branches with us for her to practice with on the way to Tonga.
Off to bed now, Ina and Amanda are sitting playing Back Gammon, I need to sleep, didn`t get too much last night due to the rising wind!