Leaving again

Sat 7 Nov 2009 04:10
25:23.15S 153:01.65E

I forgot to say that Simon went off on the bus tour with the boys from VH & Tin soldier, he returned very pleased with himself, and carrying a case of Ginger beer.

Tuesday was spent settling bills, filling with water, and doing the 101 things that need to be done prior to leaving port. 

Wed at 0600 we were off again, Ina helped me slip the lines, as did Amanda from Pegasus, then it was back off downstream and out into the coral sea. We turned southwards and headed south towards the entrance to the channel between the mainland and Frasier Is. The wind kicked in at about 0900 and we had another great sail, overhauling everyone in front of us, and staying ahead of a 40 open cat that left at the same time as we did!

Down with the kite and drop the anchor off Kingfisher Bay resort. the wind was forecast to be NE, but swung round to the NW making the anchorage quite bumpy. Too much so to put the engine on the dinghy, so we spent a "quiet" night aboard. Later on in the evening a largish stink pot came and anchored a little close to us.

At 0200 as I was up to check on things, the tide had swung us about, and the stinkpot was now right ahead of us, with his dinghy neatly between our hulls! Quick bit of boathook work sorted that out, and after much calling on the radio, and resorting to simply bellowing across the gap. The skipper stuck his head out and move further away from us. No damage done at all.

Thurs morn, school finished, 
We are about to head ashore and check out the resort, try and arrange a 4x4 to rent for the morning. The wind is forecast to come up again this afternoon, and then swing again in the morning to a better direction for us.