Tue 1 Sep 2009 23:26
We did make it into Tonga, I can't remember if I sent a mail to that effect, but we arrived here. had a day on a bouy wandering about ashore, simon bought a sword fish sword!, I wanted to buy a pair of tastefully carved whales, but I feels that we would have had trouble getting them home as they are 6 ft long each!

We also attended a Tongan feast, roast pig is pretty high on the list of favorite Tonga foods. After that we have been out on anchorages with the Vagabonds & the peganaughts, including a night BBQ with Mount gay & coke from Pegasus.

I have been unable to check our mail since we left the anchorage, there seems to be a problem with a message on our mailserver, and I am fed up wasting money trying to download, so I hope no one has been sending us urgent messages!

Ina & I are feeling a little delicate today, we bought some frozen meat in town, that we now suspect was not completely frozen, kids have been fine though, and VH are very kindly feeding them whilst we have a quiet night on dry bread!