17th May, celebrated on the 18th

Tue 19 May 2009 04:50
All shops closed yesterday on the 17th, so children and I planned an ice-cream party for everyone in the park outside the local shop. No one has a freezer, so ice cream has to be eaten straight away. 
The day started off with a two hour walk up the ridge line to a point where there is a fantastic view over the bay and ocean. Simon and Edward climed out on the ridge to look down a crater where there is water and saw hundresd of dophins at play. 

Home to scrub whe boat´s waterline which is still quite green after the Pacific crossing. Pretty soon, Edward, Will and Alice came over with their water guns and a water fight started. Soon, it was three o´clock and the ice cream party was about to begin. 
Children from five boats showed up at the store, and Martin (Anima) brought his basket ball. Some local kids joined in a baskedball game, as some adults went to buy buckets of ice cream. Everybody had brought their spoon and bowl (except for Martin), and children played as they came for third and forth helping. Amanda was a thief when it came to the Hersey´s chololate sauce. 

As it was getting dark, children planned to stay the night at Lucey Blue, so tonight we are having three kids over, Edward and Will in Simon´s cabin, Alice in Amanda´s cabin. I have had some French pate and wine, as all the children have dinner at Vagabond Heart. What a fantistic day all we have had.