Thu 20 Aug 2009 23:12
WE HAVE SAILED AROUND HALF OF THE GLOBE!! From 10 degreees East (Tonsberg, Norway) to 170 degrees West (Pago Pago, Pacific). So, of course, we had a party onboard.
After today's halfway party, we all agree that the standard of our on-board parties have deteriorated drastically.
Our first official on-board party was half-way party across the Atlantic Ocean, in which we had decorated the boat with all sorts of distasteful ornaments, reindeer-noses for all, silly hats and prizes for best "public performance". It was a great hit.
Today, now that we have sailed HALFWAY AROND THE GLOBE, we settle for a good Chow Mein meal, and Sour Worms for dessert. All of our official party effects are either used up, blown overboard or given to children we have met on our way.
But, we HAVE sailed 180 degrees around the world, as well as from 60 degrees North to 20 degrees South. Quite an achevement.
Hoping to reach Pago Pago in daylight today, and fill up with diesel tomaoorw, go to Mc Donald's and head for Tonga as soon as possible.
That's all for now.