N/N 15th

Tue 15 Sep 2009 03:16
18:11.4S 179:16.6E
Did you notice the position, last night, at about 0300, we crossed the 180 degree line. Now I was a little tired, cold and wet to celebrate it then, not to mention that everyone else was fast asleep, and it was blowing 35 kts. But anyway we have officially gone more than halfway round the world!
Struggling to get into Fiji at the moment, the wind has dropped, and is now dead ahead of us, but at least the sun is out. We are motoring, just had a little stop for everyone to go for a swim, and the wind seems now to be building a little, so there is hope for an evenings sailing round the coast of Fiji.
I was thinking of putting into SUva for a nights sleep, but the thought of having to do all the paperwork they require, twice, (One has to clear out from Suvam and then back in again in Lautoka, despite them being on the same island!) just put me off, so we will have another night sail. Pegasus has pulled ahead of us, and is going into Suva to sort out their Oz visas, and Vagabond Heart has been motoring at their normal 7kts, so she has pulled away from us as well.
Ina and Amanda are playing backgammon in the cockpit,and Simon is listening to very loud music. Time to put him to work and hoist a spinaker. We had the kite repaired in Tonga, 200usd, the price I was quoted in Tahiti was at least 800usd, plus all paid in advance to a very snotty frenchman. So Tonga was a great deal all round! Kite loks pretty good as well, we had it up last night for a few hours, just before the 30+ winds hit us.