25th Nov

Mon 30 Nov 2009 20:56
30:19.4S 153:21.9E N/N.

Last night the sky was clear, dead flat sea, (for a while anyway) lots
of phospheresence?? in the water, and best of all the dolphins!!
unable to see them, but one can hear them breath, and see their tracks
through the water. I had heard about the floods in the UK, so I called
home, slightly surreal having a conversation with ones parents back in
the UK on the mobile phone under those sort of conditions.

The wind was steady at 12 kts, on the nose when I woke Amanda at 0600
to watch the dolphins, then she went back to sleep, and so did I. I
awoke at 1100 to hear the kids doing school with Ina in the cockpit,
little or no wind, and still motoring along at 5 kts. Eta early friday