June 6

Sun 7 Jun 2009 02:57
16:17S  143:20w   
Well, if anyone is wondering why there is a drought in the world, Ican explain. All the water is falling on us!! Since we left Fatu Hiva I have spent a large portion of every day standing in rain so heavy I can't see the mast 8 ft in front of me!
Apart from that we are having fun, veery much looking forwards to getting into the atolls, currently heading for Makemo, although that has changed several times over the last few days! The sun is going down now,I can hear Ina bravely cooking below, the sea is a little rough and bumpy, hard work down there, but Ina is doing great! Amanda and Cathrine are cutting the onions for dinner, as the wind seems to be droping I think I need to go and do something!