Inskip Point 25:49.40S 153:03.90E

Sat 14 Nov 2009 21:15
Pelican bay, is just past Inskip point, a great place to wait for the
tide over the bar. Seeing as both Pegasus and LB are "shallow draft"
cats, we decided to go all the way into the bay. The pilot book says
that it is shallow in places,well they are correct, I traveled over
1/2 mile with the echo sounder never going off 0.0, which is the depth
under the keel. As we never actually touched bottom I would guess that
we actually had less than 10cm under us all the way in. Not a big
deal, it is all sand there, and it was at the bottom of the tide. We
anchored in 1.8 mtrs of water, and watched the turtles and dugong swim
past us. As we but the anchor down at 0900 Ina decided that the
children should do a little school work before going ashore. Pegasus
took their dinghy in and but the anchor down about 150 mtrs off the
beach, and walked across the sands.

About three hours later, after school work was done we decided to head
in, pegasus's dinghy was now well afloat, so we decided to take that
in with us as I waded our boat into the shore. At that stage the water
was just too shallow to use the engine, knee deep sand/mud, loads of
fun to drag two dinghies through.

The beach on the seaward side of the island was spectacular, shame we
had not thought to bring our kites, it was perfect for kite flying. We
helped dig out a 4x4 that had become stuck whilst driving on the
beach, then walked a couple of kms up and down the beach, with only
Pegasus as company on the entire beach. There were campers set back
from the beach, but they seemed happy to sit and play cards/drink beer
rather than actually get out on the beach!