Off to the start line

Tue 23 Dec 2008 13:27
Well, you have seen the pictures of how hard Ina was working before I arrived, tons of food disappeared into the depths of Lucey Blue, only to reappear as delicious meals regardless of the state of the weather.

Anyway, the weather was good for the start, and it was set to be a downwind start, with kites. Given the lack of training/experience on the part of the crew I decided that the best thing to do was get out early, practice a couple of man overboard pickups, and a few tacks.

This done, we headed out for the start area. Given the number of boats, and the very short start line we decided to hit the line about 3 minutes late, up by the commitee boat, and hopefully clear of those keen to get a fantastic start.

We hit the line right on time, managed to miss the yank who decided to do a 360 gybe right in front of us, whilst hoisting his kite on the start line, and we were off. A little busy, so not too many pictures, but here goes.........

This is the band playing us off the dock.


To introduce the crew;

This is Mandy, with her (very loud) fog horn, and Vegard. Vegard is the one with the beard.


Eric, as we approach the start line.


Vegard, (still with the beard) on the way to the start.