N/N 18th August

Wed 19 Aug 2009 19:25
14:36.0S 166:16.0W  A slight change of plans here, Vagabond Heart is only about 30nm ahead of us, but charging along in 17kts of wind, on course. We on the other hand have 4 kts of wind, and little diesel left. So after a group decission we decided to change our destination for Pago Pago. It will hopefully be a pitstop only, fill up on fuel, and then head south to Tonga. There is some weather forecast down at Tonga, but not sure what, and I did  not want to hit more light wwinds, with no option other than to just sit and wallow until the wind picks up.
Ina is feeling better now, is up and about, so that cheers everyone up!