Under way again N/N 6th oct

Tue 6 Oct 2009 02:45
17:55.7S 177:13.0E  Just heading out through the pass to leave Fiji, seems as if we have been here a long while, but not long enough! A whole mix of weather, when we arrived I was heading in through rain so heavy that I could only see 100mtrs, and that lasted two days, we have had some hard beats to windward, and some fun sailing.
Now we are heading off for New Caledonia, straight into Noumea, but we have a pass to get through before we can turn and head there, so must hope that we get there at the right time. Pegasus are already there, and awaiting their camerman ben, think that they will head off NE again to the Loyalty islands, before meeting us again in Noumea for the pre rally party on Friday 16th Oct. Only ten days from now, and we have five days at least of sailing, time is marching on for us.