14 th Sept

Sun 13 Sep 2009 23:35
17:53.0S 178:33W Kids having a great chat with me on watch, all about how they are to become rich and famous, not too sure the schemes will work, but it is best to be optimistic! We passed through the gap in the Lao group, and just as we were in the "narrow" bit three large waterspouts pop up dead ahead. Quiclkly down with all the sails, and then motor away from the track as fast as possible, Not very really! Anyhow, they missed us, I guess the closest was about a mile away, the wind didn`t pick up too much, but it did look spectacular.
Sails back up now, and the wind is at about 120R, a steady 6/7 kts dead on course. Have to decide tomorrow if we want to go into Suva, or just sneak round the corner to Latoka (not spelt correctly).  The kids have just eaten an entire packet of Tagleateli(??) and decided that that is their favorite pasta. Homework for today involves calculating how far all the pasta we have eaten on the trip would stretch! Now that`s worthwhile maths!
Answer tomorrow!