Sun 16 Aug 2009 16:47
Well here we are still in Suwarrov. Today wwill leve, but yesterday was another fun day. We have had soem high winds and squals over the last few days, but apart from some smaller squalls the weather was much better, so Jason, Bill and I decided to go and see the sperm whale (dead) that was lying on the other side of the reef. A quick dinghy trip for the 5 miles across the lagoon got us nice and wet, and a short hike over the reef to the carcass made us even wetter and smellier!
On the way back we trolled, unsuccessfully for tuna, but did get a great view of the edge of the reef. Then it was time for a quick clean up, and in for the wedding. Amanda has weaved her own hula skirt over the last few days, as well as a head band for each of us, she and Alice from VH looked splendid.
The wedding has been postponed several times over the last few days so there would be a suitable sunset, and despite the rain showers in the area, the couple did in fact get their picture perfect sunset. A very pleaseant evening was had by all.
Simon has been hanging out ashore, pretty much since we got here, he has been living with the local boys, and sleeping in their beach side hut at night, he will be very sad to leave here, he has made some great friends, and learned a great deal whilst being here.