N/N 2 Aug

Mon 3 Aug 2009 04:42
15:12.9S 155:59.0W
Busy day today, Ina is sick, she has not managed to be vertical for more than a couple of hours since weleft Bora Bora. Poor old girl just sleeps, not fun. The rest of the crew have had rain showers and variable winds.
So we have reefed, shaken ou tthe reefs, put up the sigma 38 kite, with a large amount of extra string to make it work, got speeds of up 9 kts out of that, took it down 5 times for passing squalls, Main sail down, then up, then down and once again up and reefed now for the night. Wind has gone down to 10 kts so we are trickling along at about 4 or 5 kts, deads on course.
This morning the kiwi boat which had been behind us since leaving BB, had managed to sneak in front of us, hence all the spiaker fun, she is now safely behind us again, but I fear might sneak ahead again in the night!
Amanda cooked us a fantastic pasta dinner tonight, as I was steering the boat through yet another squall, giving us a top speed of 10.5 kts under main and jib.
The kids are now chatting about tactics for Nintendo dogd, whilst A does the washing up. I am going to get an hour or twos sleep whilst they keep a night watch, then it`s my turn again tonight.