At anchor

Tue 13 Oct 2009 19:56
22:21.144S 166:44.329E
Yesterday was spent buying a few loaves of french bread, and some other necessities. We posted off a package to Norway, stuff they would probably have taken off us on arrival in Oz. Hope this one arrives, the one we posted from Tahiti has still not arrived, I think they may have strapped that to a slow swimming turtle or something, how can anything these days take 3 months to go from Tahiti to Oslo?
Well, we left Port Mosell heading south, of course the wind, that was northerly when we were heading north, has swung again and is now southerly! It is quite exciting travelling places at 4.5 mile per hour, one has a great oportunity to study the scenery, several times, at grreat length, and even to go back and check that one has not missed anything! we also had swapped Amanda for the two boys for the trip down, thus ensuring a quiet pecefull trip..............
However we made it in to this little bay, and headed ashore for sundowners on a very corally beach, Amanda and Debs zipped off to find some shells, but unfortunately most of them were damaged, but quite a few splendid Nautilus shells, lookinf forwards to the next anchorage, hopefully we will find a complete one there!
SOmeone came up with the brilliant idea of the kids eating on LB, and the adults having jumbo prawns aboard VH  ( I think it was probably me!). Never invite 5 kids onto your boat, and then ask them to decide which movie to watch! We ended up just leaving them to sort it out, they all survived, and the bruises will go away fairly soon I guess.
A very pleasant meal, nice chats,and then back to our own boats for an excelent nights sleep, woke up this morning to a gentle breeze, birds singing ashore, and both kids still fast asleep, of course it is 0620.