Simons Birthday

Wed 1 Jul 2009 03:32
Still in Fakarava.
Yesterday, 27th I spent the afternoon trying to kitesurf, along with one of the guys from To Fluer, after an interesting start, involving leaping from the breakwater, (the only way to get into the water and avoid all the coral heads) I for one managed to bodydrag/drift miles away. Fortunately Simon had been pressganged into acting as the safety boat for us, and a fantastic, (and very necessary) job he did, from catching and deflating kites, to dragging me away from coral lumps.
As an inducement/bribe I said that I would buy some petrol for him to go wake boarding at some time in the future. Well, Cat Mousses arrived in time for his birthday party, they have a mighty 25hp outboard, (our 4 stroke 5hp does not even rate a curl of the lipp from Simon), and they were kind enough to offer their dinghy. So it was decided, wakeboarding for his birthday.
The day started with songs (lucky chap) cake and some presents, then at 0800 Simon & I zipped over to CM to steal their dinghy for the day. No chance of that, Rene felt that he wanted to drag Simon round, so that is what we did. Simon had first go, and very well hid did, managing to wave casually to all the boats as he passed, jumping the board, and generally setting the standard. The other kids all had a go, most of them sort of making it up onto the plane, but I fear the boat driver needs as much practice as the wakeboarders.
By 1300 Simons arms had lengthened by about six inches and he felt that he might stop for some lunch, before the cake party that was scheduled to start at 1500. CM came back at about 1330, but after wrapping himself round an anchor bouy, Simon decided that was enough for one day. But an activity definetly to be repeated.
After lunch we all, LB, CM Vagabond Heart, (who came back from the southern anchorage) and Pegasus all headed for the beach, where the boys launched a wide variety of kites, and generally caused havoc in the skies until called over for cake and cookies!
Despite our best efforts, and some of us did try very hard, not all of the chocolate cake was eaten, so Ina took the rest over to the locals who had spent the afternoon playing boulle, and watching us. (one of them saw that we had no table, so drove home to bring us a picnic table!). The plan was just to give them the cake, however one of the ladies nipped back home and brought back a pair of pearls for the birthday boy! Got to be the best trade yet!
Cunningly we had managed to give Amanda away to CM for the evening, but instead of his tired parents getting an evenings rest, Simon managed to arrange for all the boys to sleep aboard Lucey Blue!! So a quiet and peacefull night was had by, someone I guess, not us, there was a suitable amount of noise giggling etc. from the four of them until sometime about midnight when the sugar rush finally ended.