N/n 14th

Wed 15 Apr 2009 09:42
05:41.172S 102:46.675W
What a 24 hrs. Last night I came on watch at about 2330, just as it started to rain. We were motoring south at about 4.2 kts, trying to find some wind.
Then it started to rain. The rain squalls here are easy to spot, the sky goes dark, and you can actually see the rain falling as a band of darkness.they bring "extra" wind, and last about 20 mins usually. Well the first one passed over us at 2349, as I said, so I rolled ou the jib, and switched off the engine to catch a few minnutes of sailing.
Over the next 7 hrs I did not go inside the boat once, it did not stop raining more than once in those 7 hrs, and I am talking rain where I cannot see the jib 20 ft in front of me. The average speed for those 7 hrs was 7.1 kts. I had a great sail, but boy was I cold and wet! My fingers were looking like prunes when daylight came, and Ina took over the watch.
About 1000 Simon & I got started rigging up all the stuff we would need for the days project.
We have a very smart little bowsprit that is held in place by two wire attache to the boat at the waterline, one on each side of the hulls. Well the day before yesterday, whilst we were flying the spinaker from the sprit, one of he splices on the port wire failed. This meant that it needed fixing. I had glued everything back together, and rigged up a kevlar line to replace tthe wire, but could not get the tension needed, something non stretch was needed.
Anchor chain, don`t get much less stretcdh than that. So Amanda, Simon and I dragged out the spare chain and got it all set to use. Sails down, and over the side with Ina to shackle the chain in place. Simon was in charge of pulling on the right bits of string, and Amanda was the one making sure we didn`t loose the shackles and other important bits. I of course was supervising. Anyway after a splendid bit of swimming by Ina, and teamwork by the entire family, we now have a smart bit of anchor chain hanging over the bow.
Once we had finished lunch it was time to alter course from south, to the required west, towards Nuku Hiva, over the last 36 hrs we had progresed 4 nm towards our destiation! Rhight habd down, and off we go. By this time of course there was another rain shower, so we only had the jib and two reefs in the main, but, as Ina has recorded in the log book, 10.4 kts, on course!!!
Well naturally that couldn`t last, the squall passed, and we are now at a steady 6 or 7 kts on course to the Marquessas. Thank you Steve, Rene & Luc for all your help over the last few days!