N/N 27th April

Tue 28 Apr 2009 11:02
09:36.6S  133:01.0W
340 t0 go at N/N, 265 as I write this. Simon has been on watch from 2100 to 2400, doing a great job, Ina asleep in the cockpit, me on the trampoline. We have about 8/10 kts of wind, and have the spinaker  abd headsail out, running dead downwind, making about 5 kts. This means that there is very little movement of air over the boat,and certainly none in the cabins, making it hard to sleep. Ina and the kids are doing very well though, must be all the practise they have had!
So it looks as if we will be in some time on the 30th, that means we get to see the island as we sail past it. The anchorabge is on the southeastern corner, and we of cousre are approaching from the east.
I guess the day will go, arrive, anchor down, swim, ashore to clear in,eat, then bed,at least for me!! Tiki`s can wait for a day!
The boat has held up well, we had a problem with a blocked fuel filter, only to find the spares I had aboard were from the previous owner, and were the wrong size! Steve did a great job helping me fix that, other than that she has functioned fantastically.