N/N 25th April

Sun 26 Apr 2009 00:34
8:41.0S 128:44.0W
Well last night was an exercise in patience, lots of little rains showers, and no wind, I gybed at least 4 times trying to keep us on course & making some way. Speed went down to 1.2kts at one stage, then came a tremenodous dawn, and the wind filled in again.
It is now steady from the east, at about 15 kts, would be perfect, apart from we are stilla little north of Hiva Oa, so the wind is setting us a little to the north of target.
Oh well, having the spinaker up does cheer everyone up! Kids are busy with projects, secret things that Ina must not see, just as well that she is in bed and asleep then really.