N/N 7th

Tue 6 Oct 2009 23:57
19:08.1S 174:40.2W        Wind on the beam all night, sailing along at 7/8 kts, up to 9+ at times, then the wind picked up to about 25kts, and the sea became very steep, so I put a reef in, slowed us to steady 7 kts, but much more comfortable. Kids asleep in the cockpit, Ina up and about keeping watch until 2400, then helping me with the reef at 0500.
Wind gradually swinging into the east during the morning, so we will have a little surfing tomorrow morning I suspect. Ian and Amanda still busy with there knitting projects, SImon helping me trip for max speed!
Fun sailing in sunny weather, wish the sea would calm down a little though, another confused pacific swell.