Cruising in Fiji

Thu 1 Oct 2009 06:51
Yesterday we didn`t make it into the anchorage we planned, but ended up in the octopus resort anchorage. Yesterday afternoon I stayed aboard the boat to keep an eye on the anchor whilst Ina and the kids went ashore to explore. Ina`s exploring involved having a massage that she enjoyed so much she booked two more for the following morning, ( I do have to say that they were booked for the kids, and cost 40 local dollars for an hour massage).
This morning  I managed to get in touch with the coconut net, ( the guys we chat to on the SSB) Pegasus and Vagabond Heart. Pegasus has left for New cal, and given that she has a 18kt beam wind, is propably at warp speed by now. We tried to hook up with the Vagabonds, it appears that we were only anchored 7 nmn away from them last night, but they had to head into Vuda point so that their guest can catch a plane in the morning. So we headed ashore for the massages. Except that Simon and AManda had noticed that there was a SCUBA diving claas on offer in the pool, and could they please swap the massage for a scuba lesson, yes I know we do treat ouor children badly don`t we! So Ina and I had to suffer a fantastic massage, follwed by a great walk on the beach whilst the gruesome twosome did a little homework, and read up on the diving books.
Lunch was quickly disposed of, as usual, and then it was time for them to have fun in the pool. Cookie was their instructor, and very good he was, they had a great time, and now want to go further!
During the course Lucey Blue started to drag her anchor, we had set in it a strong NE`ly breeze, and the wind had now shiffted to an equally strong SW`ly breeze, the anchorage was getting a little rolly, one of the guys running the small boats off the beach was very kind and came to find us, and then ran us out through the surf to relay the anchor.
Once all the diving was finished we picked up the anchor and moved round to the little bay on the other side of the headland, where we are now sheltered, mostly from the breeze, and are hopefully going to enjoy a relaxing night at anchor.
By the way the people, as wwe have found all over Fiji, were very friendly at the Octopus resort, the beaches were great, and I would sugest that if anyone were daft enough to enjoy just sitting on the beach in the sun, then the Octopus resort would be a very pleasant place to do it!