N/N 28th April

Tue 28 Apr 2009 23:15
09:38.8S  135:10.0W
Getting closer, Ina is on the foredeckjumping up and down to see if she can see land! Simon and Amanda are busy trying to design our next boat, so they have obviously enjoyed themselves!
Simon and I had a burst of sail changes to try and get some extra speed,not really much use as I cannot get us into the anchorage in the dark, so I will probably have to slow down a little once we are closer. Looking as if it will be landfall sometime in the night 29/30, and to anchor in the morning of the 30th. The island is 1200mtr high, so we might be able to see it tomorrow evening.
I had to go into the stbd bow locker today for something, a very interesting smell. That is where we have stored most of the 135 beers we have aboard, and it seems some of them have leaked! Lots of fun to bail out with a sponge.