N/N 4 June

Fri 5 Jun 2009 10:07
10:29.3S 138:41.9
It seems as if we dragged the anchor a little during the night,so I decided to relay it, only took 6 attempts to get it to stay! After that we joined CM for a great little hike up into the forest yesterday, all the way up to a tall, cool waterfall, very pretty, but hard work when one has hardly walked anywhere for the last few weeks!
After that we had arranged for a local meal to be cooked for us last night byone of the local ladies, so that was a great success, fish,raw, chicken, rice,  sundried bananas, and some other vegies I could not identify, but tasted good. A couple of bottles of wine to wash it down, and the evening was a great success.
Heavy rain this morning as we prepared to leave. Amandas wish has come true, and we are sailing with Catherine aboard! so CM came by to say goodbye to us, they are heading further north to Hiva Oa, before meeting us in the tuamutos.
The wind is currently about 10 kts, so it looks like a slow comfortable trip of about 4/5 days.
More tomorrow!