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Thu 22 Jan 2009 06:16
Another sunny day, no fishing today, fridge still full of dorado, that was eaten for dinner this evening. Much homework, aand Amanda found a new book to read!!! She has now read all the books we brought for her, hope I can find some more english books somwhere soon!
More leatherwork again today, and some sunbathing. Amanda was close to melting today, but we were going too fast to stop for a swim, so we sat on the after steps, feet in the water, and poured "cool" water over each other. Very successful, and fun!
The lights of Curacao are now abeam about 30 nm away, still about 50 nm to go until we turn the southern corner of Aruba. The plan is to find a nice anchorage, and spend the day/night on the hook, swimming etc. and then wandering into the marina to get some stuff sorted out. The brand new plastimo cooker that I fitted in Amsterdam has ceased to work, well to be acurate, we took some saltwater through the hatch, and the corrosion has rendered one burner inop, and also the electric lighting system. It is all riveted together, so I can't get into it to sort it! So a new one is in order I think. Oh well, I guess that's boats for you. I don't think it is too wise to head off into the paciffic with a dodgy cooker!