Tue 15 Sep 2009 12:19
Now, for those of you who were reading yesterday, if anyone!!
Our homework was to calculate how far the pasta we have eaten, at sea, would stretch. Well, after a long discussion, and I do mean long, the kids decided that we could not unroll the tagleatelli to determine how long the average length of that is, we could safely discard the length of penne, and lassagne doesn`t really count so here is the length of spagetti that we have eaten.............
Amanda`s logic goes  like this:
We have had 120 meals involving spagetti, (beggining to see a pattern?), that would be 120 packets of pasta.
Each packet contains 450 pieces ( Yes Amanda did count them, she was going to check more than one packet, but decided that after an hours counting we could safely assume that all packetts have about the same amount of pasta in) See how much fun you can have when sailing!
Each piece of pasta is 27cms long.
450x120=54000 pieces pasta    54000x0.27= 14580mtrs of pasta,
So there you have it  14.58 Km of pasta, incidently Amanda immediately came up with the fact that at the narrowest, Norway is 6.0km across, so we coupld have laid out all the pasta almos three times across norway. Now who says travel doesn`t broaden the mind!
I hope all this information has made your day complete, there was some discussion about measuring how many litres of red sauce we have eaten, but that was discarded upon the realisation that we don`t always finish off the sauce, and so it would probably not be an acurate measurement!
Have a fun day, I shall now go back to navigating us round the bottom of Mbengga Barrier reef, to the south of Fiji!