N/N 24th Aprill

Fri 24 Apr 2009 22:18
8:40.3S  126:29.0W
Good run yesterday, the wind swung to the south yesterday and we finally had some decent speeds, 8-10 kts, but then it swung back to the east last night, so now we are running dead down wind, not what a cat likes best, but we are still making 6+ on course, and the motion is much better.
The backgammon contest is in full flow, Amanda woke up this morning at 0630 (as usual)and offered me a game! I won, but only two of the three games! Ina woke up and saved me, so I could go to bed at 0830. Once I wake up, school is over, and the gruesome twosome are reading the donald duck magazines I brought out, from 1990 (aparently the older ones are better!) Lunch is served, must go.