At Anchor, Matapu Bay, Port Havannah

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Tue 6 Sep 2011 04:58
Position at 1600 VST: 17.33.5914S 168.16.4613E
Hi All,
A bit of a change of plan for today - we got out of the anchorage on Epi Island this morning, and the wid was perfect for the 50nm passage to Efate, the main Island of Vanuatu. We averaged just over eight knots throughout the day with a beam wind at 15-18 knots. We made the distance in just on seven hours.
We are now at anchor with a couple of the other rally boats (Blueglass, Kharisma II, and Windflower). Not sure what tomorrow holds, but a trip  into Port Vila to pick up the school work sent by Angela and to do some shopping is looking good.
Now off the Blueglass for sundowners....TTFN!