At Port Moselle, Waiting For Weather.

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Mon 24 Oct 2011 07:52
Hi All,
We haven't moved the pin in the map but we have moved back around to Port Moselle to the marina in preparation for stepping off to Australia later in the week. It seems we may also be waiting for crew to arrive as well - Graham called today and offered his services as crew for the crossing to Australia. This is of course usual for our return home, as Graham came back from the Louisiades with us in 2009. We hope we can get the planets aligned so he can join us.
Depending on arrangments, we will probably head off Thursday morning, to arrive a week tomorrow on Melbourne Cup Day, Hopefully we will be in time to see the race.
Today has otherwise been a bit strange - on one hand we are farewelling all of those boats who are returning or heading on to New Zealand (especially SILVER FOX), and on the other we are catching up with some new and old friends who are heading off to Australia on the same weather window as us. The Girls are in kid heaven as they have hooked up with the gang of four on UTOPIA II, spent their last day with Toby, and enjoyed some time playing with Bear on OSSO BUCCO, a US flagged motor yacht which has been in the Pacific with us this season.
So, we are waiting for the weather and the plan to come together - will see if happens tomorrow!