Tanna Volcano Trip, Part 2

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Thu 22 Sep 2011 17:28
We awoke the next morning to the sound of light rain on the thatched roof, and the now familiar sounds of Mt Yasur banging away in the background. After a quick breakfast of toast and coffee and some papaya, we again embarked the ute for the 30 minute trip over to Port Resolution to visit the hot springs there. The transport had by now improved to s slightly later model dual cab which actually had two boards for seats across the tray - positively luxurious.

Having paid our kustom fee to the traditional owners at Port Resolution, we were escorted to a path across the top of a 40m cliff then down to a small coral beach where steam and hot water was pouring out of a cleft in the cliff. The water was scalding hot, indicating that the source was just below the surface.

On the way back we stopped at an area on the beach where another hot spring bubbled to the surface. The water in the rock pools was literally boiling and the locals had food in them being cooked - no pots, just yams, sweet potatoes and a chicken straight into the water. The chook was cooked whole (entrails included), and then two young boys plucked it in the water. We then took the opportunity for a soak on the waterline of the beach where the seawater cooled the springs enough to be enjoyed, although a few times things got a bit hot when the waves were too small to fill the shallow pool we were in. We kind of felt like chooks ourselves for a while...

After drying off, we went for a drive through the village at Resolution to drop off a French girl who was spending the day by the quite pretty beach. we then returned to the resort, picked up our gear, and hopped back into the ute for another 90mins of cross country excitement. At this stage a single german tourist (let's call him "Herman the German") came to prominence as he was finally persuaded to actually join us in the back of the vehicle rather than always being first into the cab. What then transpired is an amusing anecdote best shared over a few drinks....

Finally after getting saturated and frozen leaving the east side of the island in the rain, we were then basted in dust as we made our way to the airport. Getting back into the aircraft was like stepping into another world after our previous 24 hours, imparting a surreal quality to the experience. We got back to Vila, showers, and happy hour at the Waterfront Bar wondering if the trip had really happened. Fortunately the photos prove it did!

JPEG image

The tree house that the Silver Foxes stayed in - complete with wildlife!

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Home for the night....

And in Part 3.....