Monday 22, Tuesday 23, Now at Anchor Lolowai Bay

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Tue 23 Aug 2011 08:16
Position at 1800 VST 15.16.8999S 167.58.8058E
Hi All,
Apologies for the lack of an entry last night, however we got busy. Yesterday morning we awoke early with the plan of sailing the 50nm to Lolowai anchorage on Ambi Island. Unfortunately the weather had other ideas, and so we rolled over in bed and listened to Vixen 7 and Overdraft go out, get smashed by the 30 knot headwids, and come back to anchor. Our plan B was to move the boat back down to palakula Bay, complete our shopping, and then return. When we got back the mob descended for sundowners and we then turned in for an early night, hence no blog entry.
Fast forward to this morning (Tuesday) and we were up at 0600, and underway by 0645. Unfortunately the winf in the anchorage (none) was not the wind outside, and so we have just spent the last 11 hours beating to windward against 20 -25 knot headwinds so that we can join up with some rally activities over the next few days. As usual we had a couple of minor gear breakages, and it seems that the watermaker is now not working either. Fortunately there is no shortage of water hereabouts, although we are not looking forward to the cost of replacement spares if required....
We fortunately arrived here at Lolowai just on sunset and were giuded in throught the narrow pass by Paul and Toby from Silver Fox, who have been here since Sunday. The anchorage is very secure and we are no enjoying a couple of quiet Tusker Beers and hamburgers al la Cate which smell very good indeed. I think sleep will come soon after food!
Until tomorrow, TTFN
The day did look up at last, with Alan calling to let us know that the sale of Fergson Rd has now settled, afetr five months of argy bargy, delays and promises to pay. Huzzah!