Blue Lagoon

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Mon 18 Jul 2011 05:55
Hi All,

Still here in Blue Lagoon enjoying a pretty and comfortable anchorage.
Yesterday was pretty quiet with the kids spending most of their day with
Toby and also Sophie and Max who are passing through on holidays on a boat
called "Almost Paradise". last night we had drinks ashore and a lateish

Today has been very windy, so this morning was focussed on school with
cate and the girls taking a walk around the island wit the SF's.
Unfortunately I overdid it on the leg a bit last night so have had to
spend the day with my foot up attempting to get better. Unfortunately it
hasn't mended as well as we had hoped so an early visit to Lautoka/Denerau
to see a doctor is now coming up on the agenda.

Tomorrow we will sail down to Waya Island for the night before heading off
to Lautoka first thing Wednesday morning - according to the forecast the
wind should ease tmorrow morning, so we are looking forward to a pleasant

Until tomorrow,