The Best Laid Plans....

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Thu 20 Jan 2011 07:28
Position at 1800 NZDT: 41.05.707S 174.11.100E
HiYa Everyone,
Of course we are always reliat on the weather, which has not been conducive to our plans today. We departed Punga Cove mid-morning with the intnetion of motoring around to ship cove so we could walk the end section of the Queen Caharlotte Track.  Unfortunatley as we go out into the main chanel of the Sounds the 35 knot southerly (with rain) had other ideas. Plan B was put into effect and so we motored across to Furneaux Lodge in Endeavour Inlet and picked up a moorning where we remain tonight.
The afternoon was spent generaly relaxing, making foldout cards and watching "Master and Comander" ("...the lesser of two weevils...""). This evening we went ashore and enjoyed a drink and some dinner at Furneaux Lodge (Furneaux, by the way, was the Captian of HMS ADVENTURE which accompanied HMS RESOLUTION on Cook's second voyage of discovery). I was a little disappointed that the crests that we gave to the management of the lodge during YOUNG ENDEAVOUR's 2005/6 visits were not on display, bu the mussels and sav balnc were v. nice.
We may get the opportunity to go for a short walk tomorrow, but we need to be back in Picton Marina by late afternnon to meet up with our friends Rob and Briair who are driving up from Christchurch to meet us. There is also a maritime festival on in Picton for the weekend, so we will stay in the marina until Sunday morning.
Hope all is well at home, we are still out of phone range until tomorrow.