At Anchor, Port Maurelle

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Sat 4 Jun 2011 05:43
Hi All,
We have finally cast loose the mooring in Neiafu and headed out into some of the most beautiful cruising grounds on earth. At present the "Big E" is in the company f several other ternational boats,  a couple of other rally participants, and some charter yachts. The weather has deteriorated with a trough passing over the area, bringing increased winds and persistent showers. We are taking the opportunity to use a bodgy water filler we have set up to catch some of the sweet tropical rain and are so far having some success. The forecast for the wet and inclement weather will continue into next week.
Last night we participated in the Port of Refuge Yacht Club Friday fun race - Neil and Gillian (from "Overdraft") and Jeff and Ellen (from "Blueglass") joined us as crew for the event and all enjoyed a very social sail around the awesome harbour of Neiafu. Line honours were taken out by "Avante", a J160 cass yacht - she is a high spec racer-cruiser, and after the start all we saw of her was her stern! "Equinox" placed a very creditable third, however we were forced to protest against "Vixen 7" (another rally yacht) for atttempting an overtaking feint while we were busy mixing drinks.
This evenig we joined "Silver Fox" (Paul, Michelle and Toby) for a cuppa in between rain showers - no-one was unhappy at the prospect of a rare alcohol free day!
Hopefully tomorrow we will be joined by "Kiwi Auckland" tomorrow, who besides being good fun (another kids boat) will be able to deliver our replacement wind generator blades.
Until tomorrow, TTFN.