At Anchor, Baie Du Carenage, Le Grand Terre

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Thu 13 Oct 2011 05:45
Position at 1600 (-11) (AEST) 22.18.3294S 166.50.6468E
We left Isle De Pins at 0530 this morning, motored across to the first large reef pass, and then set sail across to Le Grand Terre, the main Island of New Caledonia. The terrain here is quite different to that which we have seen to date - the hills are covered in short scrub, and the anchorage here is a cross between ittwater and Great Barried Island in NZ. The holding seems to be very good in thick red mud, which we will be careful to clean off the anchor chain before we bring it aboard. The hills here also bear the evidence of the strip mining of nickel which has been going on here for over a hundred years; the French have and continue to pillage the island for it, apparently the world's second largest nickel deposit.
As we sailed today the girls continued on with school and now we are settled in our anchorage looking forward to a quiet night ad a sleep in tomorrow morning. Tomorrow we will do some exploring around here before we make a move to another anchorage (to be decided) as we get closer to Noumea on the weekend.
A major mission over the next couple of days is to tie down a suitable venue to watch the Wallabies - New Zealand RWC semi final.
The weather cntinues to be settled, although still very cool at night - we are definitely back in doona territory.
Anyway, until tomorrow, TTFN.