At Last We are Underway (and Making Way)

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Thu 13 Aug 2009 08:26

20:56.6S 149:25.8E

Ahoy you lubberly lot! We have finally cleared Customs and left Mackay after two very busy days of provisioning and tying up loose ends. Without the help of Allan I doubt we would have made it. The Disco-bus is now in the hands of its new owner and the new sails have arrived and have been tested. The new assymetric spinnaker is a glam and the (mostly female) committee of taste are well pleased with their work. Can't wait to get out on the Coral Sea and give it a spin. We have had our first catastrophe - the lid for the home nrew fermeter got lost overboard at some unknown time. Might have to use gladwrap with holes poked in it.

We are now at anchor at St Bees Island having had a pleasant sail across. Tomorrow we will head out and begin making our way out into the Coral Sea via the Hydrographer's Passage (so named for the people who found it). The weather forecast is a bit of a mixed bag so we will have to go with what we get.

Anyway, love to all, we will be on the mailasail email address henceforth.

Chris, Cate, and the Girls