Ship Cove - At Last!

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Fri 11 Feb 2011 06:02
Position at 1830 NZDT: 41.05.454S 174.17.007E
Dear All,
Late this morning we finally cast off from Chaffer's Marina and headed back ut across Cok Strait for what will hopefully be the final time. The passage across was quite a fast one, with a favourable current and fresh breeze. Unfortuately Grace was unable to complete her scheduled french lesson due to mal de mer.
This week ah been busy with the girls engaging heavily with school and discovering that the Queensland Distance Ed system is very different to NSW. Added t this Grace has started high school, and the school is very intensive with the use of teleconferencing for lesson, which is kinda like school of the air on steriods...
We have now received all of our school materials and have organised them for the term, so there is a lot less stress around the topic of school now. A big thanks to Ange for taking delivery and forwarding on all of those boxes and parcels of schoolwork - the cheque is in the mail...
To the plan. We are all pretty worn out from Wellington and school, so we will most likely remain here for the weekend and go for some walks (the last section of the Queen Charlotte track ends here) and generally look around. There will definately be some school, as we are three weeks behnd in some subjects. On Mondy the wind is due to go back around to the south again, so we will take the opportunty to head over to Pelorus Sound and take the rest of the week to get across to Nelson (where the last of the text boks will be delivered). After a short stay in Nelson we will visit the Abel Tasman Park and Farewell Spit while we await a favourable three day weather window to sail up the west coast of the North Island and over the top to the Bay of Islands.
We are presently out of mobile range but we are on the satphone sand the equinox411 mailasail email.
Until tomorrow trendsetters, TTFN