Half-Way Day

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Sun 10 Jan 2010 06:06
Position at 1600 AEDT: 34:57.6S 161:56.0E
Course 120 Speed 7.5 knots
Wind W'LY 20 knots
Dear All,
Having made good progess over the last 24 hours we will shortly be half way to Opua, but more than half way across the Tasman as we now (only) have 530nm to run to Cape Rienga, the NW point of the North Island. If we maintain our current speed, we will be making landfall late afternoon Wednesday, with Customs and Quarantine clearance PM Thursday.
The weather has deteriorated somewhat; we are fortunate that we didn't go to Nelson as the weather 120nm south of us is Gale force. We have just broken out the half-way chokkies in celebration!
Looking forward to the last four days, until tomorrow, TTFN