The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Sun 6 Sep 2009 00:58

Unfortunately the computer which took a wee shower whilst across the Coral Sea is now defunct and in Brisbane with the bearded stowaway.(who is sad to have left the good ship Equinox). You will not have updates for the next little while until the computer returns to the boat or Chris works out how to download it. Yesterday they were in Misima and sounding perfectly happy.

I think that we are all recovering from 2 odd weeks of too many sundowners and yours truly very nearly lost the tender as I have a limited array of knots. Seeing me rowing in Misima harbour and trying to recover the tender was a source of great amusement to the locals.

 I am sad to have left however I had an experience which I shall remember for the rest of my life and my thanks go out to all on the good ship Equinox for a safe journey and looking forward to your return.