At Anchor ...Panapompom island

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Sun 23 Aug 2009 07:09
Position at 1600 AEDT 10:46:21S 152:22:75E 
From Allan:
Last night we had a beautiful sunset BBQ of King Snapper in lime and butter and our "first contact"with the native traders.We swapped some Hats T shirts Batteries Magazines and some sewing kit for a bunch of the biggest Bananas we have all ever seen, 3 Pawpaws and two Yams. I must admit to being a little unsure weather we negotiated well at all however it was a terrific experience to see them in there home made sailing outrigger canoe.
Chris and I had a rather late night after consuming too much liquid sunshine and we were both feeling just a tiny bit sorry for ourselves this morning.Cate was the clever one who retired early and reminded us of how loud we were being at 1am. 
The anchor winch is having some issues so for the short term I think that I am the anchor man until repairs are effected. I can tell you that hauling in 40m of chain and then the anchor is not good for sore heads but great for muscle building . Today was a 20 mile easy sail to Panapompom island and our official entry into PNG. The customs man just left and has charged us 190 kena (around $75) for the privilidge of stamping our passports on the pretext that it was a Sunday. So officially we are now here.
It is interesting that the 3 island we have had close contact with are all just a little different going from Palm covered flat coral cays to high volcanic mountainous islands with steep cliffs to tonights anchourage which is gently sloping large island with a population of around 600.As we were nearing this Island we saw a Manta Ray around 2m across swimming within 20m of the boat. All in all an easy cruising day.... Perhaps an expensive one but still a truly beautiful part of the world