Hard on the Breeze, lots of DVDs

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Thu 7 Jan 2010 04:44
Position at 1600 AEDT 33:27.73S 154 25.98E
Noon to noon run - 161nm
Wind SE 18-20 Knots
Course 085 True, Speed 7.5 knots. Single reefed main and Jib.
Dear All,
We have settled into the ship's routine of watches, meals and DVD's. The last 24 hours hasn't been particularly rough, although because we are close hauled the yacht has quite a heel on which makes getting around challenging at times. AL has lived p to his job statement - he has been awake for 8 hours (the one he is on watch) and has done the dishes. All in all a great sailing mate!
You may note that we are a little north of the direct route from Sydney to Cape Rienga (the northernmost part of NZ); this is because we are unable to hold the breeze close enough to maintain our planned track. One by-product is that Diedre (the wind generator one) is going off and so we have amps to burn, so DVDs are all the go at the moment. Sarah is happy with her new haircut (the one she got with my clippers and No.4 cob on the pontoon in Sydney, and Grace is helping to kee watches by day.
The weather forecast has the wind backing into the north and easing somewhat in the next day or so, and then we should really start to see some good miles made. Once again we are overjoyed t having had the hull cleaned - the boat is making good speeds, which she wasn't on the trip south from Mooloolaba.
Otherwise, all is well, Sarah hasn't thrown up (Quells, wonderful stuff) and we are having fun.
Until tomorrow, ye scurvy swabs,