At Anchor, Cole Reefs, Hydrographers Passage

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Fri 14 Aug 2009 07:05
20:40:27S 150:15:18E
Wahoo! What a day! We left St Bees Island this morning at 0830 and sailed all day in 10-15 knots of north-west breeze. Just before lunch we put up the new spinnaker and after some initial adjustments, it has proved to be a glamour. Champagne sailing.
Some minor seasickness this morning but as the day has gone on this has receded. We are now at anchor in the middle of the ocean (or so it seems) while we have dinner and a decent sleep. The yacht is slowly pitching in the 0.5m sea, but this should die off to "light and variable" breezes overnight. We are hopeful of making it to Bugatti Reef tomorrow where we will spend a bit of time getting organised to step off into the Coral Sea. Weather is looking good for us out until Monday.
Today's catastrophe was the loss of a handline overboard (should have checked the knots...) and 50m of Alan's fishing line to a mega tangle. Both were connected to fish at the time. No claims are made in reference to the size of the aforementioned escapees. So it is bangers and mash for dinner instead of fish ("Snorkers - Good Oh!").
If we didn't get to talk to you before we headed off, apologies, however departure kind of crept up on us and happened before we knew it.
Love to all, next update tomorrow night,
Cate, Chris, Allan and the Girls.