Lay Day, School, a Swim Ashore and a Sleep Over

The Adventures of the Good Ship Equinox
Cate and Chris Galloway
Fri 15 Jul 2011 07:20
Hi All,
Another terrific day in paradise with all the cruising boxes pretty much ticked. Thanks to Scott for his wise counsel and sage advice last night, the ankle seems to be on the mend. It doesn't hurt to have the girls bring me drinks and food while I sit around with my leg up either. A shame we don't have any grapes to peel...
The rest of the fleet have arrived in a bay immediately to the South East of us, it has been interesting to see them get a bit tense i the absence of John and Lynne (the rally organisers) who have had to go across to Lautoka to do some work on thier boat, and so have left everyone to their own devices.
Tonight Toby from Silver Fox is coming over for a sleep over with the grls - it is a bit breezy, so the cockpit rather than the foredeck might be the better venue. Hate for one of them to roll off over the side in the dark!
Tomorrow we will see how the day begins, however a move south to the next fabulous location is on the cards  - it may be that we head over to the Blue Lagoon (yep, THE Blue Lagoon of movie fame).
Until tomorrow then, TTFN.